Diet Garbage

Diet Garbage

Do you want to feel better about food and your body?

 Would you like to relax and not have to worry about what to eat?

 Where is the “easy” button?


So many people have come to me with some variation of a problem with eating habits.


Why is the problem so common? Is there a way to resolve it?


Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you today. In this post you’re going to learn how to identify the diet garbage that is clogging up your brain and learn 3 ways to fix it.


Dear Diet, Things just aren’t going to work between us. It’s not me, it’s you. I can’t help but cheat on you.


A simple message for you

We are all born with a very strong Inner Guidance System (IGS) that tells us how to best take care of ourselves.

It is unique to the individual. And it is the key to having a wonderful and easy relationship with food.


Why don’t we use it?


Along the way we were taught to disconnect from our IGS and to numbly follow advice and directives from external sources.

Commercials and radio jingles tell us what to do. Our society is flooded with directives and instructions to follow. We experience these messages from such an early age that it’s no wonder that we lose the ability to hear our inner guidance system. That’s where the trouble begins.


I call these messages Garbage.




Because they are a waste of your attention and energy. They take up precious space in your brain and clutter your awareness.

And they need to be thrown out.


Looking outside of yourself for the answers will keep you stuck in an endless loop of frustration and disconnection.


Collecting more Garbage will only make it worse.


But there is GOOD NEWS

You can learn to listen to you IGS again. And I am here to teach you how, just as I have taught many others.

To help you get started right now I will share 3 step3 with you:


1. Identify the Garbage. 

What are the sources that tell you what you should and shouldn’t do regarding food? What is the Garbage that is flooding your mental space?


Think of the commercials you see, the product placements in your favorite TV shows or movies. What about the magazines you read? Notice the flyers and posters on the walls of the places you visit. The billboards along the roads you drive. The promotions on the radio or podcast you listen to.


What websites do you visit? Are there any food related guidelines there?


Notice the people you spend time with and their relationship with food.


This step works best if you have a sense of curiosity rather than judgement. Most people experience a feeling of awe as they pay more attention to the messages that fill their day.


How do you feel when you think about this? As you go through your day see how often Garbage pops up!


“In Beverly Hills… they don’t throw their garbage away. They make it into television shows. Woody Allen ”


2. Write the Garbage List. 

Now that you have an idea of where you encounter Garbage, jot down a list of the top 5 Biggest Garbage Sources.


Here are some examples:

  • Fitness and health magazines
  • Radio Jingles for fast food
  • Commercials
  • Junk mail advertising the newest weight loss fad
  • Friends who regularly discuss the latest diet that they are trying


3. Plan 3 ways you will FILTER the garbage out of your daily life.

Don’t skip this step! This is where big changes happen.


When you clear out some of the Garbage you create space for something new.

This space is where you will set up the foundation for the freedom you want.


So, what Garbage can you filter out?  How can you mentally clean-house? To help you I offer you a handy tool: Cleaning House: Throw out Diet Message Garbage.


And remember, what we think about, we become. By eliminating the Garbage and replacing it with inspiring and healthy messages we will change the way we feel and live.

We’re shaped by our thoughts.We become what we think.When the mind is pure,joy follows like a shadowthat never leaves.


If you find yourself feeling extra motivated I want you to post your garbage list in the comments section below.

If  you find this helpful in developing your own Inner Guidance System share it with a friend. Work on it together! And I’d be thrilled to hear your thoughts. Drop me a line or comment below!


  1. John
    Jul 28, 2014

    Nice post… so true, we are surrounded by so much garbage! Actually for me what also plays a key role is stress and little time. Then I always end up at the same “garbage food” places. It’s hard to change these habits in day-to-day stress…

    • Crystal Stokes
      Jul 29, 2014

      Yes, John! The key word you used is HABITS. Going to garage food places has become a habit. If you download my free quick start guide you’ll see a section that address habit formation and change. You can also check out the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. The good news is that there are clear and simple ways to change habits such as the one you’re describing, even with a busy and stressful schedule. Let me know how you do!

  2. Susan
    Sep 5, 2014

    Even if I tune out all the garbage messages around us, I still have my co-workers and I grabbing garbage lunch every day. It’s really hard trying to improve eating on your own…

    I’d love to start a small group of co-workers bringing healthy foods to work and share – put some group pressure behind this :)

    • Crystal Stokes
      Sep 6, 2014

      Excellent idea, Susan!!! Re-creating your environment in a way that better suits your needs- heck yeah! I really love your innovative thinking and desire to makes changes happen. Please keep me posted about the progression of your idea.

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