The Exercise Addict Test

The Exercise Addict Test

Are you ready to find out the truth?

Do you have a problem with exercise?

Take the exercise addict tests and find out.

 Once you have a clear answer you can decide what step to take next.


The Exercise Addiction Inventory, By Annabel Terry

The Obligatory Exercise Questionnaire, By Thompson, J. K. & Pasman, L.

To score the questionnaire, first reverse the scores for items 8 and 10 (for example, if you wrote “always 4) for Item #8, then reverse it to “1”) and then obtain the total.  If you score 30 or less, your exercise is probably not obligatory.  Scores between 30 and 40 indicate there is reason for mild concern.  Scores between 40 and 50 suggest you may have moderate problems with obligatory exercise.  Scores above 50 mean you should consider finding ways to moderate your exercise.


Taking these tests can be frightening. Perhaps you’ve suspected that you’ve had an exercise addition but weren’t ready to deal with it.

By now, you should have a clearer idea of where you stand. If you’re like me, this knowledge leaving you thinking “now what?”

Now, you start to do research.

You dig deeper to figure out exactly what having an exercise addiction is doing to your body, your brain, and your life.

Start by reading my post Geek Out. You’ll find the latest research about exercise addiction.

Do you know someone who is impacted by exercise addiction or is growing more excessive in their exercise habits? Share this with them. Let them take the tests!

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