Body fat, eating fat, and exercise

Body fat, eating fat, and exercise

If I eat more fat, I’ll get fat.

Saturated fat is especially bad.

If I rest more, exercise less, I’ll get fat.

If I do both- rest more and eat more fat- the world may end.

This is what I believed for years.

How about you?

What do your actions and choices say? Do you avoid fats? Perhaps you are OK with certain fats, but not others. Maybe olive oil or salmon is OK, but butter or steak is a huge no-no.

What about exercise? Has r.e.s.t become a naughty 4-letter word? Do you beat yourself up when you don’t exercise as much as you think you should?

I sure did.

If you’re like me, this is your reality. This is what you know to be true.


What if you have it completely wrong?

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Geek Out on Exercise Addiction Research

Geek Out on Exercise Addiction Research

What is exercise addiction, really?

How is it impacting my body physically?

What does it do to my endocrine system?

How does it impact my brain?

My emotions?

My ability to think rationally?

Am I really doing any long term or permanent damage?

Scouring the internet for legitimate exercise addiction research can be draining.

Let me help.

Here are some excellent resources for the data hungry beast inside your brain.

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